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Denim jackets

Denim jackets

A denim jacket with a pattern on the back is as universal as a normal denim jacket.

They can go for walks, informal meetings and parties, sports and activities, etc.

The rich imagination of designers and artists of HM Ukraine knows no bounds.

Bright, stylish and unique jeans from HM Ukrain will emphasize your personality, highlight in the crowd and provide a spectacular indelible impression.

A jeans jacket with a pattern, hand-painted by our craftsmen will be the pride of your wardrobe.

After all, no one else will have such a jacket!

Denim children's jacketSize 1-3 yearsDrawing on back and frontHand-painted..
Denim Men's JacketSize MDrawing on the back, sleeves, frontHand-painted..
Denim Women's JacketSize L / XLThe light is light blueDrawing on back and frontHand-painted..
Denim jacket for children for girlsHeight: 148cmColor: light blueHand-painted, drawing on back and front...
Denim Men's WaistcoatSize XXL / XXXLDrawing on back and frontHand-painted..
Denim Men's JacketSize L/MDrawing on the back, sleeves, frontHand-painted..
Denim Women's JacketSize M / LPicture on the back, sleeves and frontHand-painted..
Denim Men's JacketSize LPicture on the backHand-painted..
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