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Denim jackets

Denim jackets

It's hard to imagine something equally versatile, practical, and always stylish, like things from denim. And it's impossible to imagine a wardrobe in which would not find even a pair of jeans.
Today the fashion on the denim is a way of self-expression - jeans are decorated and fit into the "carrier" personality by various means.
HM Ukraine will offer you unique things with hand painted by our craftsmen.
Today, it's clear that the fashion for jeans is not limited to trousers - denim jackets, skirts, shirts, sundresses, caps, bags of various styles and combinations gained no less popular among fashionistas and fashionistas.
The style from HM Ukraine can be called the symbol of pop culture, the personification of simplicity and freedom of morality.

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Denim children's jacketSize 1-3 yearsDrawing on back and frontHand-painted..
Denim Men's JacketSize MDrawing on the back, sleeves, frontHand-painted..
Denim jeans shorts for womenPicture on both sidesSize MHand-painted..
Denim Women's JacketSize L / XLThe light is light blueDrawing on back and frontHand-painted..
Bag ladiesHand-paintedJeansBag size: 20cm * 15cm * 6cmLong handle, length adjustable..
Denim jacket for children for girlsHeight: 148cmColor: light blueHand-painted, drawing on back and front...
Bag ladiesHand-paintedJeansBag size: 20cm * 25cm * 10cmLong handle, length adjustable...
Denim Men's WaistcoatSize XXL / XXXLDrawing on back and frontHand-painted..
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