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Hand Made Ukraine Shop

Drawings for orders

Drawings for orders

Hand-painted on T-shirts from 4K STUDIO, we execute on request for up to 7 days.

We will put the name of the future owner on a T-shirt, a briefcase, a jeanswear, etc.!

Now your T-shirt is an original presental gift to you or your loved ones!

A T-shirt with hand-painted 100% hand-made work.

Handmade T-shirts - This is the exclusive 4K STUDIO, which is made specially for you by hand-painted fabric.

If you have wondered where you can order a T-shirt with your picture, then we will be able to help you!

Custom-made T-shirts with your drawing - this is a creative gift for Birthday, New Year, Christmas and any other holiday!

To find out how much it costs to put a picture on a T-shirt, send us a picture you like - and we'll tell you how much it will cost! We are glad to put a picture on a T-shirt with the help of hand-made painting!

Now you know exactly what to give to mom, wife, girl, child, girlfriend or even a boss !!

Original gifts are what we do for you!

In addition, we offer you registered and unusual gifts. With pleasure we will name the future ruler or any beautiful phrase on a T-shirt! Such original gifts will taste the future owner!

To create the picture, we use high-quality materials, leading manufacturers of artistic paints, which have proven themselves well in the artistic market.

The picture is stable, it can withstand repeated washing (read the Rules of product care). In our T-shirt 4K STUDIO you will always be at the center of attention. This designer thing will emphasize your individuality and uniqueness.

4K STUDIO creates unique things for unique people.

The picture is made with love, completely hand painted technique specially for you.


- Before wiping the product outdoors;

- manual or delicate mode of machine washing at a temperature of 30-40 С;

- iron with an outward side or through a fabric from the front side.

- DO NOT soak, do not whiten.

Delivery in Ukraine and all over the world.


Creating each product with a 4K STUDIO design is a hard, complex, but interesting and interesting process at the same time. This is a work done by hand painting 100%. In connection with this, a picture that is duplicated in various sizes may involve inaccuracies and discrepancies in details and trifles (smears, divorces, small details, additional small objects, etc.), although the essence and basic idea will be clearly traced. We want to assure you that we take into account all the wishes and advantages of the Customer, which means that you become a co-author of your own masterpiece. Your picture will be exactly individual and unique - it's a creative process, the process of creating a masterpiece with the idea of ​​YOU!

Men's T-shirtDrawing on back and frontSize: XLColor: blackHand-painted..
Men's T-shirtSize: XLColor: blackHand-painted..
Men's T-shirtSize: XLColor: light grayHand-painted..
Men's Hoodie (Winter)Color: redSize: XXLHand-painted..
Men's T-shirtSize: XLColor: light grayHand-painted..
Hoodie Male (Winter)Color: dark graySize: XLHand-painted..
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